Coping with catastrophe in the capital

A salon in the cemetery with Matt Brown and Matthew Hogan
Sunday 19th October from 4 to 6 pm SOLD OUT

What do Blackfriars, Denmark Street, Regents Park and Colney Hatch have in common? They were all the scenes of mass fatalities. Londonist editor-at-large MATT BROWN informs and surprises with strange and little known stories of how the capital has accidentally seen off large numbers of its inhabitants.

Have you ever considered what plans are in place in the event of a major urban disaster? Next MATTHEW HOGAN from the Greater London Authority introduces us to the idea of ‘Mass Fatality planning’ - the contingencies for dealing with the disposal of large numbers of corpses in the capital. Matthew discusses his work - advising on casuality procedures in case of terrorist attack, viral contagion or other unexpected disasters - revealing fascinating and thought-provoking facts on the use of ice rinks, field hospitals and mass grave locations in the city.

Tickets £12 including a Hendrick's Gin Cocktail

Matt Brown
is the editor-at-large of The Londonist and probably the most London-obsessed person in the world. In the cause of exploring the capital, he has waded along the buried River Fleet, spent the night in a haunted plague pit, caught a lung infection by climbing Soho’s tallest steeple and walked along the tracks beneath Leicester Square at 2am.

Matthew Hogan works with the London Resilience Team, the sector of the Greater London Authority dedicated to ensuring the capital is well prepared in the case of a disaster. He takes a lead role in coordinating multiagency work on flooding, pandemic disease, mass fatalities and excess deaths. His career has been punctuated by response to a variety of incidents including the radiological poisoning of Alexander Litvenenko, the 2009 Swine Flu and multiple weather related incidents including the recent UK storms. Matthew’s passion for resilience even spills over into his spare time, where he has established a Disaster Tours, a non-profit company providing entertaining walking tours of London’s historical disaster sites.

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