A Curious Invitation present London Month of the Dead
BEAUTIFUL DEATH - Art and the Mystery of Mortality
A Live, Illustrated Zoom Talk with Cultural Commentator Joanna Ebenstein
Tuesday 6th October 2020 at 7:00 pm

Images of beautiful death, though bizarre to the contemporary eye, were once commonplace. Examined together, they constitute an alternative art history, a collection of artefacts illustrating humankind’s attempts – metaphysical, mythological, scientific and popular – to imagine, respond to, or find meaning in the mystery of death.

In this richly illustrated talk, writer and founder of Morbid Anatomy, Joanna Ebenstein will trace the history of death in art, with a special focus on the bubonic plague epidemic, during which many of today’s must enduring images of death rose to prominence.

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Joanna Ebenstein
Joanna Ebenstein is a Brooklyn-based writer, curator, photographer and graphic designer. She is the creator of the Morbid Anatomy blog, library and event series, and was cofounder and creative director of the recently shuttered Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn. Her books include Death: 'A Graveside Companion', 'The Anatomical Venus' and 'The Morbid Anatomy Anthology' (with Colin Dickey). Her work explores the intersections of art and medicine, death and culture, and the objective and subjective.

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