A DAY IN THE LIFE OF DEATH - The commerce of the cadaver
A salon in the cemetery with Rupert & Claire Callender and Richard Putt
Sunday 19th October from 1 to 3 pm SOLD OUT

When death overtakes us, who will undertake us? Is it possible to be buried in central London? What would it cost? What are the strangest things that people place in their loved one's coffins? RICHARD PUTT of Levertons, undertakers to the Royal Family and Margaret Thatcher, will slake your curiosity on these and other grave matters.

Most of us rarely come into contact with dead bodies in our day-to-day existence. Natural Death Centre’s RUPERT and CLAIRE CALLENDER are an exception. They reveal how their lives have been inspired by death and discuss the unconventional measures their Green Funeral Company uses to mark the end of a life from Gonzo Undertaking to the immersive funeral.

Tickets £12 including a Hendrick's Gin Cocktail

Richard Putt
is the director of Leverton & Sons Ltd, a family funeral directors which was established in 1789. From princes to paupers, Leverton & sons have treated every funeral with the same level of respect throughout the centuries. In 220 years, Putt is the first company director from outside of the Leverton family. Richard’s father was a funeral director, so he grew up above the shop and helped his dad from an early age. When a schoolroom hamster or goldfish died, Richard was the obvious choice to conduct the funeral ceremony. Truly a lifetime of experience! He has been with Levertons for 36 years, but declines to reveal the date of his first pet ceremony.

Rupert and Claire Callender co-founded The Green Funeral Company in 2000 to offer an ecological alternative to traditional funerals. Since then they have helped hundreds of people through the traumatic days following a death and together we have created appropriate, emotionally rewarding funerals. Whilst neither Rupert or Claire came from traditional funeral backgrounds, they were moved to become funeral directors through their beliefs and experience of bereavement and its aftermath.

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