London Month of the Dead - Present, Present and Future, October 2019, A series on death curated by Antique Beat and A Curious Invitation supporting Brompton and Kensal Green cemeteries
IMMORTAL PASSION- Necrophilia and the Penetration Paradox
with Dr John Troyer - Saturday 19th October 2019 from 1:00 pm

In this talk, Dr John Troyer will uncover the history of necrophilia in the United States. In September 2006, Wisconsin police discovered Nicholas Grunke, Alexander Grunke and Dustin Radtke digging into the grave of a recently deceased woman. Upon questioning by police, Alexander Grunke explained that the three men wanted to exhume the body for sexual intercourse. In the Wisconsin state court system, the three men were charged with attempted third-degree sexual assault and attempted theft. None of the men could be charged with attempted necrophilia, however, since the state of Wisconsin had no law making necrophilia illegal.

Necrophilia is not specifically prohibited on the statute books of many other US states. Dr John Troyer will argue that the ambiguous juridical standing of the human corpse compounds the sexual monstrousness of the necrophiliac and of necrophilic acts.

Tickets £12 including a delightful gin cocktail. Please click here to buy.

Dr John Troyer is the Deputy Director of the Centre for Death and Society at the University of Bath. His interdisciplinary research focuses on contemporary memorialization practices, concepts of spatial historiography, and the dead body’s relationship with technology. Dr. Troyer is also a theatre director and installation artist with extensive experience in site-specific performance across the United States and Europe. He is a co-founder of the Death Reference Desk website, the Future Cemetery Project and a frequent commentator for the BBC.



The Venue - Brompton Cemetery