London's Ghosts: What Lies Beneath and Haunted London with Alan Brooke and Alan Murdie
Sunday 16th October from 3:30 pm

The London Underground late at night has an eerie atmosphere with its labyrinth of subterranean tunnels and passages, abandoned stations and rumours of disturbed burial grounds and other disruptions to the subterranean fabric of this ancient city. Workers and passengers on the Underground have regularly reported unexplained incidents, including the sightings of the ghost of an actress who is regularly witnessed on Aldywch Station and the "Black Nun" at Bank Station. Eerie noises, such as the cries of 13 year-old Anne Naylor, who was murdered in 1758 at Farringdon Station, and the screams of children who were among the 173 people who were crushed to death in the London Underground’s worst ever accident at Bethnal Green Station during World War II, are still heard echoing down the years. ALAN BROOKE will delve into these and other uncanny underground occurrences.

Ghostbuster ALAN MURDIE will examine the legends surrounding some of London’s most famous supposedly haunted locations, ranging from a prison, a stately mansion, a court house and a West End cinema. What can we deduce about the nature of paranormal experiences and when they are most likely to happen? At a time where reportedly the average Briton is more likely to believe in ghosts than in God how is the evidence stacking up?
Alan will also dispense practical tips for those wishing to embark on their own ghost hunting expeditions, stressing that the main item to keep with you at all times is an open mind.

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Alan Brooke
Alan Brooke has over twenty years experience as a history lecturer to Higher Education level. He has co-authored five books about London’s history, including London; City of the Dead due to be published this year by The History Press.

Alan Murdie
Alan Murdie is a barrister by trade and also the chair of the Spontaneous Phenomena Committee for the Society for Psychical Research. He has investigated numerous cases of ghosts and poltergeists and has written and broadcast extensively on psychic topics. He was chairman of the Ghost Club, compiles the monthly “Ghostwatch” column for the Fortean Times and is the author of a number of books on hauntings around the UK.


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