Forgotten Burial Grounds of the City
Exploring Horror Cinema Amidst the Bustle of Covent Garden
A Guided Tour
with Lauren Barnett
Saturday 28th October 2023 at 11:00 am

The area around Covent Garden is a microcosm of London: bustling, ever-changing, and seeped in history. Over centuries it fluctuated between wealth and poverty; it was known for its thriving fruit market, its theatres and gin halls, its thievery and disease and is now a manicured tourist attraction. But through it all the one thing that has remained consistent are the bustling groups of people who gather in this heart of the city.

In horror cinema, the crowds that flow through this bustling centre of London are as deadly as any monster. Imagine the feeling of hundreds of people suddenly rushing down to the underground, or a panicked crowd pushing each other into traffic at a busy circus. Horror films have capitalized on the dread, terror, and eeriness of such moments, drawing inspiration from the area's tumultuous history.

On this guided tour through Covent Garden, author and horror expert Lauren Barnett will explore films as far reaching as Gorgo, the 1960 answer to Godzilla, Alfred Hitchcock’s final London film, Frenzy, and the recent Jack the Ripper horror From Hell. As we journey, you will have the opportunity to navigate through these perilous crowds and witness firsthand what instills fear in the hearts of many.

Tickets £12 including a 20% donation toward a host of restoration projects at Highgate Cemetery. Please click here to buy.

Lauren Barnett
is a horror writer, podcaster and actress best known as the author of, Death Lines: Walking London’s Horror History. This guide to London's horror movie film locations was described by Kim Newman as “the London A to Z horror fans need”. She also writes horror fiction for magazines and anthologies and co-hosts London Horror Movie Club podcast alongside her brother, Chris. As an actress, she has been killed off in several upcoming indie horror films including The Witches of the Sands and Horrorscopes 2.