Unearthing London's Dark Legal History with Naomi Ryan
on Sunday 15th October 2023 from 3:30 pm

London has always been the legal centre of the English justice system. It is the home of the Old Bailey: the central criminal court of England and Wales, as well as the Royal Courts of Justice: the home of the High Court and the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court itself, the highest court in the land. These hallowed court houses have shaped our legal system for hundreds of years, and remain the lynchpins of English criminal justice.

But London is not only a shining beacon of legal achievement. For much of its existence, it was a city of suffering, desperation and cruelty. Scratch below the rarefied veneer of affluence and propriety and you’ll discover the city’s dark underbelly of crime. A city where life was cheap, and its residents often met tragic and gruesome ends.

Join Naomi Ryan for a discussion of some of the most macabre, unusual and important cases from London’s legal history, from the murder of a Prime Minister to crime solving ouija boards, and even a sprinkling of vampires.

Tickets £12 including a 20% donation toward a host of restoration projects at Kensal Green Cemetery. Please click here to buy.

Naomi Ryan
Naomi Ryan is a criminal barrister and lover of all things macabre. After qualifying with a Masters in Law from St Catherine’s College, Oxford, she taught criminal law to undergraduates at St Hilda’s College Oxford and University College London before embarking on her career as a criminal barrister, where she both prosecuted and defended. She now works as an advisory lawyer on criminal matters within the Civil Service and occasionally writes about the darker side of legal history. She regrets that she has yet to cross-examine a ghost.





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