A Curious Invitation present London Month of the Dead
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The Science Behind Mortality with Simon Watt
on Tuesday the 17th October 2023 at 7:00 pm

“I’m gonna live forever”, sang Irene Cara in Fame in the 1980s. “Who wants to live forever?” countered Queen a few years later. “You and I are gonna live forever” insisted Oasis in 1994. It seems that pop singers can’t agree on it, but can we / should we live forever? Is immortality something to be desired or dreaded? Surely death, along with taxes, is one of the only two certainties we can rely on in life, as Benjamin Franklin famously quipped?

In this talk, biologist and comedian Simon Watt delves into the surprising science behind why we die, and what the alternatives might be. Along the way he will tell us about an immortal jelly fish, the world’s slowest bacteria and the trip Darwin took to a séance.

Come satisfy your morbid curiosity.

Tickets £12 including a 20% donation to Brompton Cemetery. Please click here to purchase.

Simon Watt
Simon Watt is a biologist, writer, science communicator, comedian, TV presenter, trainer, consultant and artist. He is a regular contributor to TV, radio and the web and perhaps best known as a presenter on the BAFTA-winning documentary series, Inside Nature’s Giants, the IFTA-winning Wild Cities and the Channel 4 special, The Elephant: Life After Death.

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