London Alchemy
Tarot readings with Diana Taylor
A dedicated 15 minute tarot reading
Readings available between 5 and 7 pm on Sunday 5th June 2016

Ever wondered how or why life is going the way it is?  Whether you are feeling confused and bemused, lost or recently reconciled, or even just bouncy, buoyant, and curious, you can check in with yourself and examine life through a Tarot reading with Diana Taylor.

Tarot is a practical tool which enables you to engage with life, and gain some understanding about how you are connected to what is going on around you, how you are connected to the people around you, and to what extent these connections hold.  As a result, you can gain perspective, resolution, understanding, and appreciation of yourself, of others, and of what life has to offer.

For the London Alchemy weekend, Diana Taylor is offering bespoke 15 minute tarot readings using Crowley's Thoth deck. To book a reading please email

Tickets £8 for a dedicated 15 minute reading

Diana Taylor

Diana first became intrigued by Tarot at the age of 15, when she received a Marseilles deck and a book on Salvador Dali’s Tarot as a birthday present.  Her interest in esoteric subjects and comparative religion grew over the next decade, following living and travelling in Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, China, and the Philippines, and studying in Europe. From 1995, she undertook formal studies in Tarot in London, and occasionally read for the public in Covent Garden Market.  Over the next decade, she continued to study intensively and gradually became a respected practitioner and acknowledged expert in working with Tarot.  In 2008, she was headhunted by Treadwell’s Bookshop of London, renowned for esoteric scholarship, where she worked for seven years.  Diana now works full time as a freelance Tarot consultant and tutor.

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